We are happy to introduce Nurtio, a smart virtual gardener. Nurtio is a new sensor-based product helping people optimize the care they give to the indoor plants. Nurtio comprises of:- the smart custom-made sensors that read all the essential plant information and send it to the cloud server- the AI-based patent-pending algorithm detect the trends and predict the future needs of the plants- the user-friendly mobile app and the web panel deliver this information to the stakeholders ensuring that the plants are being taken care of in the most efficient wayUnlike any other product of the kind that ever existed, Nurtio is designed specifically for the offices and public settings, and tailored to the needs of the professional users - gardening contractors, cleaning companies. etc. This product helps to reduce the effort required to maintain the plants and to decrease plant ownership costs drastically. This, in turn, contributes to making our work and public spaces greener and healthier.